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Integrative Health and Wellness Coach

I am a health coach. I am your wellness partner. The person in your corner empowers you to make decisions that support your journey in finding focus, creating balance, and acting on your dreams and goals, creating the lifestyle that brings the best of you.

By putting well-being at the center of my practice, I help you take control and move into a place of choice.


I believe that reflecting on your wellness and breaking challenges or goals into a smaller series of daily decisions and actions, drives a process that helps create space, organize thoughts, and align your actions with your values to achieve your ideal state of well-being.


About Me

Hello! My name is Geneviève Boivin, but you can call me Gen.

I am known for my smile, calm energy, and my ability to make people feel comfortable. Add a little humour and determination into the mix, and you will find a person who embraces change and approaches every challenge as an opportunity to learn and grow.


As a coach, wife, and mother, I am passionate about helping others in their journey to achieve a balanced lifestyle that is fulfilling and feels right, with no compromises.

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What I Do

What I Do

My passion is to meet you in the space between: "I know what I should be doing, but I can't commit to it". You are ready to incorporate wellness into your life but struggle to find the right solution to make positive change… because I have walked in those shoes.

At one point in my life, I felt that If I ate better, exercised more, mediated more, improved my sleep, and were more present with my friends and family, that I would find the solution.


But honestly, self-care almost broke me. It never occurred to me that trying different coping mechanisms and techniques made things worse and distracted me from finding real, long-term solutions.

So there started my journey… and, in that journey, I have learned that the answers are within us, and the most significant change starts by knowing what is important to you, and focusing on one decision and one answer at a time.

My part in your journey is to create a safe space, where I support your thinking, I help you clarify, raise awareness, develop meaningful solutions, and celebrate each success. By introducing the concept of curiosity, we can learn from what we are, what we do, what we think, and what we choose.

Using my training and background, I will guide you and support you to create positive change by shining light on how everyday decisions all connect and influence our sense of well-being.


When we incorporate well-being into our choices, we become better humans to ourselves, family, friends and community.


Well-Being in Every Decision

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One on One Coaching

Change is challenging. Where do you start? What needs your attention first? How do you stick with it when it gets difficult?


This is where I fit into the picture.  

You want to lose weight, exercise more, manage your stress, sleep better?

During our sessions, we work together to define and choose your own style of well-being through powerful questioning and other techniques that weed out self-limiting thoughts, beliefs and unconscious blocks.

Individual coaching is a process that is designed to address old patterns and habits by increasing awareness, resiliency and focus on accountability when things get challenging.




Highly recommend! I have never worked with a coach before & didn't really have any idea what to expect. What I found was working with Genevieve: she walked me through the process of what I should expect. Our sessions were not EASY, but they were definitely worth it. We were able to funnel and slim down where my business and personal priorities ACTUALLY lay and create clear steps to what needs to happen and in what order. So thankful for Genevieve. She was so open & never with an ounce of judgement, but also very good at digging to those juicy 'A-HA' moments. Call her!

-Julia, Mom and Business Owner

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